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Our Services

Our Business Solutions:

* Foreign Workers Recruitment from Various Countries:

  • Manufacturing Sector
    Electronic and semiconductor
    CNC and Aerospace Furniture
    Food and Fragrance
    Other Factories

  • Construction Sector
    Mechanical and Piping
    Building Construction
    Renovation Installation
    Plumbing and Sanitary

  • Service Sector
    Cleaning & Conservancy
    Landscape & Maintenance
    Laundry & Dry Clean
    Restaurant & Catering
    Retails & Sales

  • * Executive Search & Head Hunting
    Engineers & Eng. Manager
    Accounting & Admin Staff
    Sales & Marketing Staff
    Interior Designer & Drafter
    Technical Staff

  • HR Management & Consultancy
    Work Pass Applications
    Employment Contracts Customization
    MOM related consultancy, services
    CPF, IRAS related consultancy

  • Our Value-added Services:
    Work Permit/S Pass/EP application
    Skype Interview
    Medical Check up
    MOM Thumbprint Scanning
    Security Bond & Workers’ Insurance
    Workers’ Levy Claim
    WPOL/EPOL application
    MOM related services and consultancy

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